Integrated BioTech Solutions

IBTS expertise helps clients take their products across the finish line.  We take your “good idea that works” and make it “a product that sells”.



  Our Mission In Action

Late-phase virtual biologics company

"IBTS brought a team of professionals to the table, each with specific expertise, which supported and complemented our internal team. They provided an unbiased, external perspective when it came to reviewing systems, documentation, and providing guidance as part of an overall Gap Assessment to determine if we were ready for Agency inspection, product approval, and subsequent launch. This Gap Assessment highlighted areas of concern, and provided us with an opportunity to prioritize, and to focus our internal and external resources on addressing those key issues identified, to ensure success."

Pre-clinical phase inhalation company  

"Excellent work by knowledgeable experts. A valuable resource to our team to help manage, navigate and conduct critical studies on time and on budget."

Late-phase virtual pharma company
"I was fortunate to work with IBTS in a small company environment. The company progressed to a stage at which an overall assessment of readiness to file for marketing authorization was the key activity. IBTS was contracted to conduct a GAP assessment for Quality/Manufacturing, develop a remediation plan and lead its execution with the corresponding contract manufacturer. I was impressed by the combination of technical and managerial expertise. The GAP assessment identified the key issues, as confirmed by third parties later. The remediation plan was developed and executed, overcoming challenges of distance and culture. I would contract this group again any time for similar or related challenges."